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The South Coast Flying Club

The original South Coast Flying Club was formed a century ago, at the very dawn of aviation. The first Sussex Aero Club was founded in 1913 at Shoreham, coinciding with the Pashley brothers moving their leisure flight business to Shoreham from Brooklands. Financial problems, likely compounded by the Great War, meant that company was wound-up, but in 1925, The Southern Aero Club was founded with Cecil L. Pashley as its flying instructor.  Then, in 1936, the Brooklands Aviation Group took over the old Southern Aero Club and it was renamed the South Coast Flying Club.

There is an excellent book covering the history of Shoreham Airport, by Tim Webb and Dennis Bird and the header picture on this page shows members of the Club taking delivery of a new aircraft in 1937. In recent years, we introduced the term ‘Group’, in addition to ‘Club’, to more accurately reflect how we operate, and while the current Club is not a direct descendant of the original, we believe we have inherited the same passion for aviation as these early pioneers. 

Save Time

We use a cloud-based booking, flight-logging and billing system that reduces paperwork and admin.

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There is no need to buy shares or pay into costly maintenance funds. A low monthly fee is all that’s required for members to access all of our services.

Go Flying

Once your license and medical status are confirmed, you must have a check-ride with one of our instructors, then you are free to hire our aircraft.

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South Coast Flying Club and South Coast Flying Group are both trading styles of Shoreham Flying Club Ltd, a private company limited by guarantee. The Club is run on a not-for-profit basis that means all surplus income is reinvested back into the organisation rather than being distributed to the company’s shareholders.

There are no paid directors or staff, there are also no voting members, committees or other management structures. The Club’s administration is carried out by unpaid volunteers, some of whom are also the limited company directors, who additionally assume overall financial control and final decision-making where needed.


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