Trial Lessons

A trial lesson with one of our instructors will begin with a pre-flight briefing in our Club facilities at the historic Shoreham airport. You will then carry out pre-flight checks with the instructor before taking the pilot’s seat in our PA28 training aircraft.

Taking off from Shoreham, the instructor will talk you through all phases of the flight. During the flight, your instructor will give you a demonstration of the controls and some flight training exercises, then allowing you to handle the aircraft.

Depending on the mass and balance calculations of the aircraft, you may be able to bring up to two additional passengers with you, sat in the second row of seats, which will not be charged for. This will be confirmed before the flight departs.


Based on how much time you have booked for your lesson, you might land-away at a neighbouring airfield before taking-off again and returning to our home base at Shoreham. After the conclusion of your flight, you will have a debrief with the instructor and receive a certificate of completion that details the exercises you undertook along with your time in the air. Your trial lesson can be counted as training time towards your pilot’s license, should you get the flying bug!

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