About The Club


Hello from everyone at the South Coast Flying Club. We are a not-for-profit, limited company that has been setup at Shoreham airport to provide the best value flying available. The club is run by its members, for its members so has no paid officers and all administration carried out by volunteers. Our aim is to provide the most affordable self‐fly hire on the airfield, with no requirements for share purchase or other upfront costs. We are one of the very first self-service flying clubs in the UK. On the next few pages you will find further information about the benefits of joining the Club.

Club Room

We have a dedicated club room located in the office complex of the Advanced Helicopters hangar at the eastern end of the airfield. The club room is used for ground school training and includes useful literature from safety organisations and information about the Club aircraft and charts of the surrounding area. There is a modern computer with internet connection as well as a multifunction printer, scanner and copier that can facilitate your flight planning and administration requirements. The Club also provides tea and coffee making supplies that you can help yourself to, using the facilities of a small kitchenette, that is just along the corridor, close to the toilets.

Access to the room is via the main reception of Advanced Helicopters, which is open from 09.00 to 17.30, seven days a week. The club room must remain locked when not in use and you can request the key from the staff at the reception desk, being sure to return it when you leave. You can also access the airfield from Advanced Helicopters via their airside entrance, which a member of staff will be happy to point out to you.

Out-of-hours access

Since we use CloudBase GA for our aircraft data recording and ensure there are always spare copies of the paper tech log sheets in the aircraft, you should be able to operate the aircraft without needing to use the Club room outside their normal office hours. If you do require access to the Club room outside their office hours (09.00-17.30), please email the Club admin to arrange this, providing at least 48 hours’ notice.


Club membership also provides free parking at the front of the Advanced Helicopters hangar. You will be issued a car park pass for your vehicles (maximum of two) that must be displayed clearly in your car windscreen. Failure to display your car park pass or using a car without one puts you at risk of parking enforcement action. SCFC fully supports any action taken by Advanced Helicopters in the event of unauthorised parking incidents and you are responsible for parking in a compliant manner, No parking is provided for guests, they must park in front of the main terminal building,


The Club aircraft are fully insured with comprehensive cover throughout Europe for pilots who have not had any claims in the past five years and are under 75 years of age. If you have had any claims in the prior five years or are over 75, regardless of your flying experience or medical status, you must be declare this so your application can be reviewed by the underwriters. Insurance cover may be available to you for an additional fee and until such cover is confirmed, you are not insured and must not fly.
Members are responsible for ensuring that their flight is conducted in a safe and legal manner. While we keep a record of medical and license status for our members, it remains the individual’s responsibility to ensure their licence and medical are valid prior to departure. Only pilots with at least 125 hours’ P1 are insured to fly G‐BHZE and until you have received confirmation that you are included on the insurance policy, you cannot book or fly G-BHZE.

To be within the Club’s insurance requirements, you must conducted a flight as P1 within the previous 90 days. This is in addition to the CAA stipulation that PPL holders must have completed three take‐offs and landings as P1 within the last 90 days in order to carry passengers.


There are a number of members who completed their PPL training with the Club when it was a Registered Training Facility (RTF) and had one full-time and several part-time instructors. Following the change from RTFs to Declared Training Organisation (DTOs) in April 2019, the Club successfully applied for DTO. The training facility is available to members only. The Club no longer has a full-time instructor but does have part-time instructors who are able to offer advanced training such as the Night Rating and the IMC rating. The instructors are also able to conduct ground school exams and are willing to be asked to revalidate ratings. Any payments for training are private arrangements between the member and the relevant instructor. The Club is not currently offering ab initio training but as an organisation dedicated to the promotion of GA, reserves the right to offer completion of training for suitable students.

Insurance claims

Any claim on the Club’s insurance policy carries a £1,000 excess. In becoming a member of the Club, however, you are requested to pay an insurance waiver of £40 that goes to cover this £1,000 excess, meaning no member has to meet the cost in the event of any insurance claim.


You will be provided with a secure login to the online system, CloudBase GA. Using this web-based tool you can access a number of pages to edit your own details, including medical and ratings expiration dates, phone number, picture and biography plus more. We ask that you provide at least a mobile phone number on the system so you can be contacted by other members if the need arises, for last minute information or requests. Other pages include the aircraft tech logs, bookings calendar, members database and others.

You can book aircraft as far in advance as you like and if you are planning a cross-country trip you can also choose to book for the whole day. It is very important that you respect other members’ access to the aircraft when making your bookings. If, for any reason, you are unable to fly, you must delete your booking from CloudBase GA as early as you can. Other members with IR ratings may be able to take advantage of weather conditions that you cannot so please be considerate. If you are delayed while on a flight, make sure you extend the booking (if available) to avoid other members booking the adjacent free slot. If you are running late and there is a booking directly after the time yours was due to finish, use the members information on CloudBase GA, which can be accessed from a smartphone, to find the phone number of the member concerned and call them to alert them of your delay.

Do not make bookings on the off-chance that you might be available or the weather might be good. Only book time slots if you intend to fly to avoid blocking others’ use of the aircraft. Members who abuse the system by consistently booking similar days for weeks on end will be contacted by the admin team to amend their bookings. Before set out for the airfield, check the tech log for the aircraft on CloudBase GA as this will detail any issues, in addition to the number of hours left before required reaching maintenance checks. The CloudBase noticeboard will also list any other information that may affect your planned flight.

Flight sharing

The Club actively encourages touring and further development of flying skills and airmanship. Many pilots get into the habit of only flying in perfect weather and only going on short cross-country or local flights. Get more experience and learning out of your flying by sharing with other members. Likewise, if you want some support on your first cross-channel trip or something equally exciting, just put out a message to members on the CloudBase GA site and someone will happily join you. Perhaps you want to do more flying through controlled airspace, just make the request and we will do our best to help you improve your skills. We have a number of members who are professional pilots with many thousands of hours’ experience, there is no shortage of people who are happy to help out if invited. The club also arranges fly outs and social events during the year, which you are always welcome to join.

The Club aims to offer the best value self-fly hire from Shoreham with some of the best equipped PA28s on the south coast. To make it more affordable you can fly with other members and are encouraged to do so. You can also obviously use the aircraft for pleasure flights with family and friends. Since we want to maximise the aircraft availability for members, we discourage pilots from taking on cost sharing flights, especially with people they do not know. We stopped offering ab initio training, trial lessons and experience flights for the same reason. It is forbidden for any member to promote use of the Club aircraft for cost sharing flights through third party platforms, such as Wingly, Facebook, Twitter and similar services. Any members found breaching this rule will have their hiring rights suspended during an investigation by the Club and could have their membership cancelled if found in breach.

Post flight

Always put aircraft keys back in the tech log folder

Complete the paper tech log form and place any fuel receipts in the plastic wallet with the tech log. Wherever possible, do not fuel when landing away as this causes additional admin. If there are and suspected defects with the aircraft, call or email the Club admin team before entering a defect on the tech log. We will arrange for any problems to be resolved and our engineer will make the decision on whether the aircraft should be taken out of service.

Leave the tech log in the plane. Pay your landing fee. Unpaid landing fees that are billed back to the Club by the airfield will attract a £25 admin fee for processing that will be added to your next invoice.

Check again that you have left the aircraft keys in the tech log!

Billing and payment

At the beginning of each month, CloudBase GA calculates your flight time from block-to-block and we will issue you a VAT invoice including and fuel deductions for land away flights. Please do not buy fuel away from the airfield unless you have to. It is not always cheaper and creates more work when accounting at the end of the month. Please note that despite being VAT registered, we don’t offer any support with VAT back schemes for fuel purchased outside the UK.

Please help the club’s cash flow by paying your invoice within seven calendar days via electronic transfer. Failure to pay will result in your membership being suspended and if no payment is received within 90 days we will take action to recover the outstanding amount. We are a not-for-profit organisation and have no paid staff. All revenue is reinvested back into the Club to cover costs and maintain the aircraft, allowing us to offer affordable flying with minimal outlay. Club members subscriptions (subs) are payable monthly by standing order.

Management of the Club

The club is run by unpaid volunteers who give up their time to make the club a fun and relaxed place to fly. The volunteers do a great job, often with little thanks, so please be patient with any requests you might receive as many of the team have other commitments on their time. The club was founded by Tim Harry, Hugh Bain and Barrie Coren who wanted to create a relaxed self‐fly club on the airfield. They remain the shareholders of the limited company and receive no dividends or income.

The South Coast Flying Club was formed by a group of like-minded people who wanted a flying club to be a friendly place where individuals with flying in common could satisfy their aviation needs.

Many of our members are happy to share flights and help less experienced pilots develop their skills.

Our Planes


PA28 Shoreham

Type: PIPER PA-28-181
Popular Name:ARCHER II
Generic Name: PA28
EASA Category:CS-23E: Normal and Utility Category Aeroplane
Engines (Propellers): 1 x LYCOMING O-360-A4M ( SENSENICH 76EM8S5-0-62 )

MTOW: 1157 kg 

This is a lovely plane. Comes with an RNAV, new 8.33 radio, modern audio panel, Garmin G5 for AI / DI, GTN 650 GPS/Nav/Com and GFC 500-twin axis autopilot.

.You will need 100+ P1 hours and approval from the club management to fly this plane.

Cost: £165 per hour midweek. £180 per flying hour at weekends. This price includes fuel and VAT. The only additional fees you will have to pay for are landing fees and the monthly membership fee. Landing fees are paid direct to the airport on the day. Membership is paid by standing order on 3rd of the month. You will be invoiced each month for your flying. Bills will be sent out within first week or so of the month and should be paid within 7 days.


Type: PIPER PA-38 
Popular Name: Piper Tomahawk  
Generic Name: PA38

The Piper Tomahawk is a two seat high-tail aircraft and this one has the larger, 125HP engine.

Fitted with Garmin GNS430 

Cost: £125 per. This price includes fuel and VAT. The only additional fees you will have to pay for are landing fees and the monthly membership fee. Landing fees are paid direct to the airport on the day. Membership is paid by standing order on 3rd of the month. You will be invoiced each month for your flying. Bills will be sent out within first week or so of the month and should be paid within 7 days.



PA38 - Tomahawk

£125 Per Hour


PA28 - Archer

£165/180 Per Hour

Some of our members having fun

The club is run by volunteers and is a self service club. This means we do not have any staff at the airport.

Once you are a member you also have access to our club room located in the Advance Helicopters building along with free parking.

They live in the main hangar at Shoreham.

The volunteers do a great job often with little thanks – please remember we are not a business and no one is paid. Please allow 24 hours for a response as we all have other jobs!

If you are interested in joining the club please complete the membership form by pressing the button below. Any questions please email mail@southcoastflyinggroup.co.uk